Today I posted my first YouTube art tutorial! Video recording and editing was a huge learning curve for me. I hate listening to my own voice and there are a few hundred frames I want to change, BUT it is overall not bad for my first attempt at video creating and editing madness. I give huge props to all you YouTubers that do this for a living. Video editing is no joke! But I learned a lot and I truly enjoyed the creative process, since as with anything creative I am in my element. This first video has been a lesson I wanted to do to work on creating movement and a focal point in the artwork using Op Art as inspiration. We also used complementary colors to make these spring flowers pop! This is a lesson I was planning on working on after our spring break with my 3rd graders but as I write this post we are in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak and school has been closed indefinitely. So virtual lessons it is! I am planning for the next few videos to be art anyone can create at home with the supplies you might already have at hand. I will get to experiment and share more complex lessons in the future. Come watch the tutorial here and subscribe to my channel for upcoming lessons. So follow along as I keep learning how to create and edit virtual art lessons just for you. If you do a lesson at home tag me on social media at #adneysartroom I would love to see your artwork! Let’s do art together!